Non Tariff Barriers

Elimination of non tarrif in zanzibar

Zanzibar and other East African Community Partner States have committed themselves to a Time Bound Programme on elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers (NBTs) that undermine available market access and smooth flow of trade across the borders. In this regard, a legally binding enforceable mechanism has been formulated with twofold objectives;.

  1. Facilitate removal of NTBs including quantitative or like restrictions or prohibitions and any form of administrative obstacles to trade among Partner States.
  2. Set up institutional structures for elimination of NTBs. To this end, each Partner State is expected to establish a Zanzibar National Monitoring Committee and a Focal Point for purposes of identifying, monitoring and elimination of NTBs. Discourage imposition of new NTBs through sanctions.

How to report an NTB

To Report a case – One has to send an SMS through his/her mobile phone by writing the word NTB followed by the complaint and send to 15551.

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