The Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (ZNCCIA) has been established to unite the voices of its members and provide services according to their needs.ZNCCIA is a link between the members and the government as well as other stakeholders.

ZNCCIA acts as an umbrella organisation representing some members of the private sector and serving them in all matters to do with trading and business, marketing and trading opportunities, business advisory services, entrepreneurial skills. It is a key organisation in reaching out many clients at one place.

ZNCCIA collaborates with similar organizations from around the globe to facilitate business opportunities and transactions between the Zanzibar traders, entrepreneurs, investors and their counterparts in other parts of the World.


The Vision of ZNCCIA is to be strong and reliable apex organization for the private sector development in Zanzibar.


The mission of Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce,industry and agriculture(ZNCCIA) is to promote business growth in Zanzibar by:-

  1. Articulating wells developed proposals for removing constraints facing business, industrial   agricultural communities.
  2. Promoting unity of stakeholders within the private sector.
  3. Enabling Zanzibar enterprises to access skills, markets, partnership, investment opportunities    and financial resources.
  4. Collaborating closely with the Government to make Zanzibar more attractive investors).


ZNCCIA has a number of sub-sectors to deal with within the private sector, be it formal or informal ones. These are generally in four major categories, namely:-

1.Agriculture, which includes livestock and fisheries.
2.Trade, which includes merchandise and financial services.


  1. Facilitate through, inter alias the issuance of certificate of origin and any preferential treatment for good originating from Zanzibar.
  2. Issue bar code for produced items.
  3. To facilitate the participation of its members to local and international trade fairs.
  4. Facilitate the availability for its members.
  5. Collect, compile and publish materials in journals, newsletters and other media on activities of the ZNCCIA and business updates in Zanzibar at large.
  6. Research on socio-economic development and share and business updates in Zanzibar at large.
  7. To collect and disseminate business information and internationally.

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